Angel Art Projects

Family Art Project– Paint Angels

If you have a Christmas ornament angel, use it as inspiration for painting an angel. In the case of the wooden angel ornament, I actually painted the back of it, smearing gold metallic tempera paint with my fingers. Then I used it as a stamp to imprint the angel shape onto the watercolor paper. The stencils for the lace decorations are made by painting over pieces of a paper doily. Peel it off and the design remains. The watercolor angel is simply made with lots of very wet watercolors and a brush. The spreading of the wet paint on the paper makes a beautiful effect. Have fun with these lovely art projects.

I used sponges cut into shapes–triangles, semi-circle, thin rectangle– to print the following angels. I used dark construction paper to signify the dark night sky. Gold glitter is always a hit, no matter how you use it!