Sunday School Updates–Week 34–2024-2025 “Ash Wednesday and Lent”


For you are dust and to dust you shall return.

Genesis, chapter 3





February 14th, 2024 Is Ash Wednesday

Lectio Divina for Ash Wednesday from the USCCB

The penitential season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, where we hear,“For you are dust and to dust you shall return.” Catholics and other Christians receive the mark of the cross on their foreheads. We acknowledge that we have sinned and we strive to make amends, and promise to not repeat the sin. Lent lasts for “forty days and forty nights” remembering Jesus’s time of fasting, prayer and his triumphant confrontations with Satan in the wilderness. The children have practiced their “Act of Contrition” and received their First Confession.

For an excellent short article on Lent, visit “Lent: Spring Cleaning for the Soul” on


“Holy Week is time for spring cleaning, including spiritually, pope says”

At his weekly general audience during Holy Week, Pope Francis spoke about drawing hope from the cross of Christ, letting go of the baggage — literal and spiritual — one carries to find healing in the glorified wounds of Jesus.

Lent Art  for Children


Lenten Poster for Young Children from Catholic Icing

The big question for kids is, “What am I going to give up?” Will it be dessert, or chocolate, ice cream, or video games? I read a wonderful blog that suggested we add behaviors we need to change to the list. Perhaps we can be less grumpy with our family members, or can be more helpful to Mom and Dad. Make a list that the children can add to and hang on their wall or refrigerator to ponder.


Lenten Activities

A Worksheet for Children and Families

“We are all children of God.”


Dynamic Catholic

The Liturgical Color-Black “Masses for the Dead” Source:, “Liturgical Year”