Celebrating God’s Love

Stamp and Sticker Art

“God’s Love is Like…”

In Believe Celebrate Live Reconciliation Page 23 students preparing for First Reconciliation are asked¬† to complete this sentence. They can write a few sentences or a paragraph and they can do an art project that corresponds. The following poster uses rubber stamps, construction paper, stickers and a large piece of sturdy card stock paper. I have watched how young children struggle with getting rubber stamps to function correctly. Show your child how to hold the stamp and press firmly onto the ink pad–always get washable ink– and then press it again on the paper they are decorating. It can be a challenge, but kids love using stamps. Over a couple of years, I collected the stamps below by looking in the sale bins at Michael’s. They have lots of crosses, Easter, and Christian stamps. The colorful paper is also from Michaels and I bought the large, tear-off pad for five dollars for 48 pieces. The rubber stamps and stickers provide an alternative to writing that helps the children learn, remember what they are reading, and strengthen a skill.

Enrichment project for “Staying on the Right Path”

The Supplies and Poster