Dedication of the Churches of Saints Peter and Paul

Celebrating Two Great Basilicas–November 18, 2017

“The term basilica can indicate either the architectural style of a church, or its canonical status…Basilica, as a term used by canon lawyers and liturgists, is a title assigned by formal concession or immemorial custom to certain more important churches, in virtue of which they enjoy privileges of an honorific character which are not always very clearly defined. Basilicas in this sense are divided into two classes, the greater or patriarchal, and the lesser, basilicas.”  Source:

In 2015, I visited my son, Father William Goldin in Rome, Italy for Easter Week. He was working on his doctoral dissertation and it was a huge blessing to be able to travel to Rome to be with him at this holy time. I was able to attend Mass three times at Saint Peter’s Basilica while my son was a concelebrate with hundreds of other priests. It’s hard to describe verbally the enormity of the interior of Saint Peter’s Basilica. It contains a measurement inside on the floor that shows how other great and enormous churches could fit inside this awesome structure. The site of the basilica is built over the area where Saint Peter was crucified, upside down, and buried.

Saint Paul’s-Outside-the-Walls is also enormous and grand. There is a large area around the Basilica that has interesting walls, statues, gardens, etc. It also is beautiful and ancient and commemorates the location where Saint Paul was beheaded. Both of these important basilicas are a must-see for any tourist visiting Rome. They are important (and glorious!) sites for all Catholic pilgrims and visitors.

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November 18 Dedication of the Churches of Saints Peter and Paul in Rome, Italy

“St. Peter’s is probably the most famous church in Christendom. Massive in scale and a veritable museum of art and architecture, it began on a much humbler scale. Vatican Hill was a simple cemetery where believers gathered at Saint Peter’s tomb to pray.”

The official name is The Papal Basilica of StPeter in the Vatican, or Saint Peter’s Basilica.

“St. Paul’s Outside-the-Walls stands near the Abaazia delle Tre Fontane, where Saint Paul is believed to have been beheaded. The largest church in Rome until St. Peter’s was rebuilt, the basilica also rises over the traditional site of its namesake’s grave.” 

The official name is The Papal Basilica of StPaul outside the Walls, or Saint Paul’s Outside-theWalls.

Here are photos I took when I visited Rome in 2015. Saint Peter’s is massive and magnificent. Saint Paul’s- Outside- the- Walls is also enormous and beautiful and in addition has archeological items on display. This ticket was from a “lottery” that gave me entrance to Saint Peter’s for a Mass with Pope Francis on April 2, 2015.


Ticket to Mass with Pope Francis on Holy Thursday

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Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá

Our lovely, historic Mission in San Diego is a basilica. If Pope Francis were to visit San Diego, he would most likely visit the Mission which is ready for him with the special “pavilion or umbrella” meant to give shade for the pope.

“The basilican pavilion was… most likely a ceremonial umbrella held over the pope, when he came to take part in solemnities. At present it is a huge, half-opened (hence cone-shaped) umbrella. Its covering is made of alternating strips of scarlet velvet and yellow silk, each of which strips ends in a pendant of the reverse color.” Source:

“The mission was made a Minor Basilica in 1976 by Pope Paul VI.”

Mission San Diego Alcala in San Diego, California