Getting Ready For Sunday School

A Quick Refresher Course for Kids

We’ve all had a long summer break. In a few weeks, school and Sunday School start again. In case you have forgotten a few of the basics about being Catholic, let’s have a few once-a-week memory boosters.

Do you remember what a Chi Rho is? Who makes up the Holy Family? What is the birth of Jesus called? How and when do we cross ourselves? What is the Blessed Trinity?

We’ll review each one of these questions, and other important material, in depth over the next four posts as we get ready to learn about our faith together. Perhaps you can do some artwork at home to learn in a different way–talking, reading, singing, listening to great music, and doing arts and crafts all help us learn and remember important things. The art supplies below are easy to assemble from art and household supplies your family probably already has.


I enjoyed cutting and arranging shapes on watercolor paper, then gluing them down. They moved a bit, but I try to remember that there is no way to be perfect! So have fun and see what beautiful designs you can come up with. These art projects would be great to do it with your family members, too. When they are done, you can hang them in your room or stick them on the refrigerator.