Sunday School–Week Ten–The Candles of Advent

Advent Season–Anticipation, Reconciliation, Joy

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Anticipation–O Come Divine Messiah


For Parents to Teach to Their Children

This month– December 2, 2018 to December 24, 2018–Advent leads us to the “Coming” of Christ, the Messiah. It is a time of preparation, excitement, and joyful anticipation. Children love the build up to Christmas morning. This Advent season, art, music, and literature help children learn more about Jesus, and His humble beginning in Bethlehem.

Excerpts from Jesus of Nazareth The Story of His Life Written for Children


Excerpt from, “The First Christmas Night” Pages-50-51.

“One day there was great excitement in the marketplace of Nazareth. A decree had gone out from Rome for the whole world to be enrolled. August Caesar, the Roman Emperor, who ruled over the greater part of the known world, wanted to find out how many people he governed that he might know the extent of his power, and how much he could tax his subjects. The Jews who were subject to him, were to go to the city
or town which was the home of their ancestors, and there give in their names and take an oath of fidelity to Caesar…This decree of Caesar filled them (the Nazarenes) with indignation. ‘Why should all men be disturbed and set on foot for his foolish whim?’ they cried. ‘O, that the Messiah would come quickly to free His people from the yoke of the wicked empire, and make all His enemies His footstool as David said!'”



Our Art Project

One page of watercolor paper and a set of watercolors is all that’s needed for this four-week painting. Each week, one candle on the painting is “lit” by painting in the flame. New details can be added each week to the wreath, until the painting is complete by week four. This year we have only one day of the fourth week of Advent, as the following day is Christmas Eve and Advent is over.

Our Materials and Methods

In addition to a large, wide paintbrush, have a small brush for making fine little details. I also like using a round sponge on a post to add texture to the background. Twirl the round sponge in the watercolor cake the make dots all over the background in the same color used while painting earlier with a brush. I like to add splatter on a dry painting by rubbing a toothbrush (dedicated to be an art tool) and rubbing my finger over the bristles, onto the painting to create a splatter effect. If you feel you have too much paint anywhere, use a dry tooth brush to “erase the excess paint. It works very well. Have fun!