SundaySchoolUpdates–Week 14–2022-2023–“Christmas Art Gallery”


Our Art Gallery

“Christmas Art for Families”


Note* Hanging Ornaments on Black Paper Were Inspired by Original Design from PHOTOTECHNO/Getty Images

Paper Plate Art

Fun with Different Materials


Gather Your materials. Pre-paint several sheets of paper. To make a print like the first photo below, slather a mix of white acrylic paint and white glue on a sheet of watercolor paper and paint or smear evenly on paper. Next, squirt globs of metallic acrylic paint on top of white. Place clean sheet of watercolor paper on top. Press evenly with your hands and then peel off. This can be done on aluminum foil as well. It is easy and quick to make several copies. Then use these pre-painted papers to cut and paste onto smaller pieces of watercolor paper. I use watercolor paper because it is sturdy and is a great base for a collage. Save money by cutting sheets of watercolor papers into fourths.  These collages have been done in this manner and make pretty cards for Christmas or birthdays. For the plates, buy uncoated paper plates (i.e. Costco), size medium. Cover with kids’ metallic acrylic paint. When dry, decorate as you’d like. You need scissors, a hole punch and ribbon to hang the plates.  Have fun with your kids making a Christmas collage on paper or on a plate.