CCD Art At Home

Using Household Items as Stamps

When you are cooking potatoes, take one potato, cut it in half, and cut it on four sides to make a square. Voila! You now have a stamp to dip in paint. Invite your children to use the painted potato as you would a rubber stamp. You can use other vegetables, as well. Or, encourage the children to use finger tips and thumb prints for making dots, “grapes,” “cranberries,” etc.

If you don’t have a potato handy, use a new sponge. Moisten slightly. Dip in paint, press onto paper, and away you go.

It’s just as easy to use apples cut in half, the bottom of the celery stalk, or even fresh okra, when you can find it–check organic food markets. Okra was used on the cross here, and it makes a perfect flower. Okra can be pressed onto an ink pad, too.

You can use watercolor paper, uncoated white paper plates, or brown paper bags for making the prints. Use whatever you have on hand. This isn’t that messy, it is all washable, and the results are so pretty.

More Veggie Art to Support Our CCD Learning

The art projects below can be used to reinforce what the children are learning in CCD. Art is another tool we have to teach children about our religion.
The apple print is lovely for the younger children learning about “Adam and Eve.” I am going to use the celery stamps to make a garland of roses for Mary as we begin our work on The Rosary. The other vegetables can enrich the children learning about the importance of “The first fruits of the field.”

“We have agreed to bring each year to the house of the LORD the first fruits of our fields and of our fruit trees, of every kind;”

I hope you enjoy doing these projects with your children at home.

The Supplies

Other Produce for Stamps

Rock Painting to Accompany Learning about “David and Goliath”

Enjoy painting smooth river rocks like David used to slay the giant, “Goliath.”

Children can wash and dry the rocks first. I prepped them for Sunday School, so the paint would be dry. We are using Sharpies in black and colors to decorate. You can use stickers, too. The theme for the decorating is, “Everything is possible with God.” Top with a coat of Mod Podge to seal.

Supplies are shown below: