First Reconciliation Artwork

We Create Art About Isaac, Young King David, and Jesus

“God is Love.”


This past week, the children heard the stories of “The Sacrifice of Isaac,” “David and Goliath” and, we talked about “The Baptism of Jesus” which we had read a few months ago. It is the official start of our preparation for First Reconciliation. (Please click on “First Reconciliation” to read an excellent article for parents–“The Catholic Family Prepares to Celebrate the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation” by Joseph D. White, PhD)

The children used pastels on black construction paper to illustrate the stories. They also decorated rocks to remember David’s efficient use of a “smooth river stone” to defeat the terrible giant. The children heard a Psalm excerpt read by a student that tells us, “You are the Rock of our salvation.” We always listen (and sing along) to Catholic music CDs for children, during art time.