Fun Art Tools

Art is a great way to reinforce new material a child is learning. Painting, drawing, coloring or working with clay or Play Dough all enrich a learning experience. It’s wonderful to do art with your children at home. Here are some of the art supplies we are using or will use in our class.

Everything we use is non-toxic and is washable, with the exception of Sharpies, which are permanent ink. Sharpies are certified non-toxic, but not to be used to make “Sharpie tattoos” on skin.

Sharpies   Kwik Stix   Model Magic & Tools   Sponges and Paint Daubers

Craftsmart Metallic Paint  Pip Squeaks Markers  Do-A-Dot Art! Daubers  Paint Brush Pens

Stocksmar Beeswax Crayons  BioColors Paint  Canson Watercolor Paper

Art Minds Metallic Paint  Colorations Watercolor Trays  Kids’ Paint Brushes

Quick and Easy Basics from Rite Aid, Target and Walmart