Genesis Enrichment

Outstanding Accompaniments to “Genesis”

The books below are wonderful to read with your children while they are learning about “Genesis” from reading their children’s Bibles, and from our discussions in class. The first book, Colorful Creatures, is a gorgeous nonfiction book that has outstanding photographs of animals– insects, fish, birds, and reptiles–arranged by color. I wanted to jump for joy when I saw this book. When I showed it to the children, they had the same exuberant reaction. They actually squealed!

Creation, by Cynthia Rylant, has beautiful simple paintings that illustrate God’s creation of the world. It also includes the story of Adam and Eve. It is a lovely, colorful book.

One can’t have too many Noah’s Ark storybooks! The pop-up book below, Noah’s Ark by Francesca Crespi, is a delightful 3-D book for kids of all ages.