Making Catholic Art Folders

Children’s Folders with Optional Theme

Sunday School Homeschool or Class Project

Whether you are doing this activity at home, or are doing it with students in a CCD class, making an art folder is a fun way to preserve children’s artwork for the year. A sturdy and colorful expanding cardboard file “pocket” works well. The students decorate it, with an important Catholic theme, to keep at home to collect their art over the year, and to keep the lessons fresh in their minds. Here is a budget and time-saving suggestion: Use watercolor paper from a large, pull-off pad and cut the paper into fourths. I have a local mailing company cut the pads into fourths with a machine and they charge me a dollar. A 30 sheet pad then gives 120 sheets that take less time to paint, and fit easily into the folder.

If you are doing this at home without a time issue, the watercolor crayons are lovely. First, the child draws and fills the paper with crayon. Then they dip their finger into water to turn the crayon into paint. It’s beautiful. If you have a 15-20 minute time for art in class, use Kwik Stix because they color quickly, are paint in a stick, and dry rapidly. No brushes or water is needed. The result feels like a printed page, and is bright and lovely.  With both options, let the paintings dry then glue or use double- sided mounting tape to attach to folder, which is my choice. Adorn with a sticker cross, and you have a lovely “Catholic Art Folder” for home.

 Here are the materials:

Our Theme:

The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Inspiration for both “Hearts” comes from

To do at home without time constraints:

Painted with Watercolor Crayons

For a classroom with 15-20 minutes for art:

Painted with Kwik Stix