Palm Sunday Art and Story

Children’s Art Gallery for Palm Sunday

The Classroom Is Pre-Set

Paint and Read

This Palm Sunday the children had the opportunity to paint or draw palm fronds, either “free-hand,” or by using the coloring sheet below. I had a full-size watercolor pull-off notebook cut into quarters, using a professional cutting machine at a local business. The smaller size (5.5 by 7.5) is more manageable for the children with the short time we have for art each week. They used Sharpies, watercolors, and/or water soluble oil pastels. (The oil pastels turn to watercolor paint when brushed with water and are a great product.) The word “Hosanna,” which means “highest praise,” is featured on the written coloring page. The students heard about Passover dinner, which we call “The Last Supper,” for Christ and his disciples. The students had the opportunity to read the charming story The Last Supper after they finished their Palm Sunday art project.


“Hosanna” graphic art was designed by Kim N. Buckley.