Summer Sunday School– August 15 to August 31 -–2023–Summer School Art Projects–“The People In Genesis”



Hello Families Preparing Children for First Holy Communion!

 Summer Art Projects are coming to an end after having learned more about Genesis through art, reading and illustration.

The new school year begins!

This year, I am taking a break from my in-class teaching.

However, I will continue teaching my second/third grade curriculum via this blog.

Of course, everything is free!

I hope that all families will find prayers, arts and crafts, reading, and music.

I look forward to teaching and sharing the material I normally bring to class.

Here are the two books for children and families that I enjoy preparing them

  for  First Holy Communion:

Blessed: First Reconciliation and  Blessed: First Communion



The Lord’s Prayer

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Our Art Gallery

“The Tower of Babel.”  Art by Connie Goldin


Here are some of the people who lived and walked with God, through the history of Genesis.

I hope that your children will read about the people who lived in the desert of the Middle East, and the land of Canaan.