Sunday Summer School Art–2021–“Symbols of Mary and Jesus in Art”–Week Eleven

For Parents To Teach To Their Children

Hello Parents. This week we will learn about the symbols used in the Catholic Church to represent Mary and Jesus. Encourage your children to make a lovely cross and/or heart that represents Mary and Jesus. I love working with watercolors. If I make a mistake, I can erase it using a damp paper towel to remove whatever I want to get rid of. You can buy watercolors and brushes at most stores. My favorite type of watercolors are liquid watercolors.. The colors are clear and bright. If your child gets colors on his or her hands, it will come off after a couple of hand washings. Here are some ideas for your children to enjoy and perhaps duplicate. I hope your family members join in the fun. When you go to church, invite your children to find some of the symbols on the altar, and on sacred objects. Have a great summer! Connie Goldin

Our Art Gallery

Cross, Fish and Heart–Symbols for Mary and Jesus

Fun Materials for Painting

Samples From Our Library

Our Art Project

Using whatever art supplies you have at home, invite your child or children to draw or paint one of the symbols shown above–a cross, a heart, the “Jesus Fish”, etc.
Have a great time decorating the project in any manner the children wish.