SundaySchoolUpdates–Week Eighteen–2021-2022–“How to Make a Beautiful Print for Christmas”

For Parents To Teach To Their Children

Merry Christmas! Here are some ideas for making prints with your kids that they can give as presents…or, just do it for fun! Have a wonderful time with your children and enjoy the beautiful season!

Love, Connie Goldin


Gold Cross on Print

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Making and Decorating Homemade Prints


How to Make a Print… or More!

I really like making prints because they are simple and each print is different. You may be wondering why I have a box of matzo crackers in the picture below. I use whatever household item fits the size or shape that I am desiring for my print set-up. The only item I could readily see for a square happened to be the crackers. The box was not open, so one side could function as my “stamp” and my husband can still eat his crackers. A Wheat Thins box served as a rectangle for a gold Tabernacle I wanted to make, one year. Here’s what got me started on print making:

The Tabernacle in Gold Metallic Kids’ Paint–A Print

I use watercolor paper because it is strong and it absorbs acrylic paint well. Don’t get overwhelmed with the supplies below. I started with liquid acrylics for kids. You only need a couple of colors and absolutely no talent or skills at all! Here are a couple of inexpensive paint options:

I usually get 3-4 copies on one painted “stamp” (in this case, painted box). Just keep squirting paint on the stamp you are using until you are done. The simplest stamp is a sliced apple. When dipped in red paint they often look like strawberries or hearts. Young children l0ve doing this! Here is a sample:


First of all, I do not get paid for endorsing anything that I use in my projects. It’s all up to me.

Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores and have everything!

Print making with kids (and grandmas!) is messy. Fingers get covered with paint. So, put something underneath the paper. I use a battered cutting board that works well, and have paper towels handy.

Here’s how to do this:

Method–Step By Step

Here Are Some Other Ways to Decorate Prints

From “Genesis, Chapter 1”

Prints Before Decorating–The prints on the top row become the paintings below: