Week Twenty–First Reconciliation Party

The Sunday after Reconciliation

The children had a lovely First Reconciliation, yesterday. Because we have all worked so hard to be prepared, I decided to have a “Lent Painting Party” for CCD class this week. Our theme was “light.” Each child had a small canvas to paint, and a wooden cross to glue onto the canvas. Groups of four children all received one set of colors to choose from. After they got painting with the acrylic paints and glitter glue, they ventured into their neighbors’ sets of colors. Many of the children decided to paint the cross in a beautiful hue. It was wonderful to see so much originality and variations in color and themes. We read a charming version of Jonah and the Big Fish and talked a bit about Lent and the upcoming Easter Triduum. Next big goal is First Holy Communion!


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Our Topics


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Children’s Gallery–Artists At Work!