Advent and Nativity Books & Art

Enjoy Children’s Literature and Art

Enhance the Advent Joy and Excitement.

These Advent and Christmas books begin with books for the youngest children. I can see the first and second graders enjoying them, too. We use The Catholic Bible for Children in class and at home, but children can also enjoy children’s literature with wonderful illustrations, and lovely stories, as well. Fun “lift the flap” style books add an element of surprise for the little ones. Baby animals come from miles away to worship Baby Jesus. Even reptiles, insects and rodents come to pay their respects in We Were There: A Nativity Story. Storybooks enhance the understanding of Advent and Christmas.

Advent Storybook
The Story of Christmas
Lift the Flap Nativity
The Christmas Baby
The Story of Baby Jesus
The Spirit of Christmas
We Were There
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The Story of Christmas is a beautiful book, by artist Pamela Dalton, which has inspiring cut paper art that illustrates the Nativity in a special way. It is exquisite. Children will enjoy the corresponding “coffee filter angels” which look etherial on black construction paper. Paint or stencil a metallic gold tempera paint angel onto a large-size coffee filter (basket-style). When the angel is dry, cut it out and glue it onto construction paper using white Elmer’s-type glue. Use the glue to paint an angel shape on the non-painted side of the filter. Press onto paper.

Fun Art for Kids

Here are some holiday crafts that are easy and inexpensive. Painting with watercolors is a wonderful way to reinforce a story with children. Even the youngest children can enjoy painting with watercolors. If you want to use stencils, you can make them by cutting shapes out of cardboard, stiff paper plates or even cereal boxes. The children can use their fingers to smear on washable tempera paint and then use the stencil as a stamp. Whether you use construction paper, heavy watercolor paper, or paper plates, the kids can create decorations for your home and tree. Painting, drawing, and cutting and pasting things onto white uncoated paper plates is also fun and the results can be quite pretty. These art ideas are for all ages, but the last four are great for preschoolers and kindergartners.  Here are my samples: