Magnifikid! Our Weekly Guide

A Great Weekly Resource for Families


“Help children pray and follow the Sunday Mass”

I used this excellent guide to the weekly readings in my Sunday School Class, last school year. I highly recommend families with children ages six to twelve consider subscribing to it. Magnifikid! provides different ways for children to learn–through cartoon strips, illustrations, puzzles, fun activities, interesting quizzes, as well as, the actual readings.

For example, “This Week…” offers a small task to readers that helps with learning to trust others:

“Your have probably been asked at one time or another to lend something to someone, but were afraid that he or she might damage it. How about this week trying to have a little more trust in those around you (your brothers and sisters, your cousins, your friends) by lending them something that is very special to you this week.” Magnifikid! Vol. 14. Part 9. Section 5 August 20, 2017

I am looking forward to sharing this lovely resource with children and families again this school year.

Magnifikid! is published by Magnificat:

“Magnificat is a spiritual guide to help you develop your prayer life, grow in your spiritual life, find a way to a more profound love for Christ, and participate in the holy Mass with greater fervor.”